Nelk boys. A great case study of building a million-dollar business from scratch

Nelk boys. In a few years come from Canadian nobodies to some of youtubes hottest boys and doing interviews with Mark Cuban and others. But how did they make it to growing companies like FullSend what was their strategy in making it to the top and still growing.

The Nelk boys pull in over 60M$ just from merch without youtube! Included in this made 25M$ from thier latest NFT alone!

Starting from youtube

Early on building thier business from youtube pranks being shop employees they quickly gained traction and a fan following continually bootstrapping there business to create interest and grow.


From protein powder to beer to Merch and jumpers Nelk boys will sell you everything and anything. Its smart and it using your following to keep your fans buying more is very smart. By doing “drops” your able to create the illusion of “limited merchandise” to get fans to buy even more.

Site traffic exploding

You can see from there site traffic just how popular they have become. The sites have huge traffic and the youtube channel has millions of subscribers. They are constantly thinking of ideas of how to cross sell you various products.



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