How to build a corona testing center with Ed Heywood

This week we interview Ed Heywood a seasoned tech entrepreneur building out a corona test center at the peak of the corona pandemic. He goes through the challenges he has to face as a young entrepreneur and what advice he could pass down to other founders looking to start.

Pivot quick and fast

If things don’t work early on pivot fast. “for us we found airport testing to be our niche”. Eds focus on this area let him expand his company quickly as there was such huge demand for this. This was key to its success.

Its not all about passion but it helps

Ed had no interest in the medical space at all. Although passion helps you to keep afloat it was the opportunity that got him this time to start a corona testing center.

A lot of experience in your life will help you just don’t know it yet

Ed points out that any expense in your life can be useful you just don’t know it yet. It was his father who pushed him to continue to study and get better. At the time he didn’t really understand the point but it was really only at a later stage that he realized how useful some of his learnings became.




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